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The Gallardo was designed as a competitor to the Ferrari F360, and now competes with its replacement, the Ferrari F430. The Gallardo has a rear-biasedall-wheel drive system which differentiates it from its real-wheel drive competitors. Lamborghini's parent company Audi is renowned for its Quattro 4WD system, however Lamborghini uses a system of its own.

Unlike the Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago models, the Gallardo does not have scissor doors.

The Gallardo was designed by Luc Donckerwolke, who won the 2003 Red Dot Award for the design of both the 2003 Gallardo and 2002 Murciélago.
At current U.S. prices, a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo coupe costs USD $186,250 - $222,800, while a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder costs USD $201,595 - $263,595.

As of March 2008, the Gallardo is the only model to use the Lamborghini V10 engine.

The Gallardo offers two choices of transmissions, a conventional (H-Box) six-speedmanual transmission, and an advanced six-speed electro-hydraulically controlled 'semi-automatic single-clutch sequential model', which Lamborghini abbreviates to "E-gear". The "E-gear" allows the driver to make shifts much faster than a manual transmission would. The driver shifts up and down via paddles behind the steering wheel, and does not need to manually actuate the clutch'.

The Audi R8 sports car, launched in early 2007, is based on the Gallardoplatform, and uses a 4.2 litre V8 in place of the Gallardo's V10 to avoid competing directly with the Gallardo.

For the 2008 model year, an onboard computer,ipod connectivity with USB, heated mirrors, Q-citura stitching that originally could only be found on the Nera model, and a beige soft-top on the Spyder, were added to the Gallardo


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Scuderia Ferrari
is the name for the Gestione Sportiva, the division of the Ferrari company concerned with racing. Though the Scuderia and Ferrari Corse Clienti continue to manage the racing activities of numerous Ferrari customers and private teams, Ferrari's racing division has completely devoted its attention and funding to its Formula one, Scuderia Ferrari. Scuderia is Italian for "Stable", and Ferrari is the name of its founder. The prancing horse was the symbol on Italian World war I ace Fransisco Baraka's fighter plane, and became the logo of Ferrari after the fallen ace's parents, good friends with Enzo Ferrari, asked him so, to continue his tradition of sportsmanship, gallantry and boldness. Scuderia Ferrari was founded in 1929, and raced for until 1939. Ferrari first competed in F1 in 1948 (the team's first F1 car was the Tipo 125 F1), making it the oldest and arguably the most successful team left in the championship. The team's numerous and ardent Italian fans are known as Alfatifosi, though the team also has a vibrant international following. The team's current drivers are Felip Massa and Kimi Raikkonan, who has signed on to Ferrari for a three-year contract after the retirement of Michael Schumacker the 2006 season, and its test drivers are Luca Badoer and Marc Gene. Ferrari and Räikkönen are the reigning Constructors and Drivers title holders respectively, after the conclusion of the 2007. On the 12th November 2007 Ferrari President announced team's new structure, with Jean Todt up to his senior role as CEO of the company, Stefano Domenicali will be taking over as team principal as Ross Brawn declined a return following his sabbatical, who subsequently on the same day was announced as the new Team Principal of Honda F1, Aldo Costa as technical director and Maria Almondo as Operations Director.

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TOYOTA SEQUOIA:..............Say a big hello to the 2008 Toyota Sequoia. ...........Essentially a Tundra pickup reworked to take on the role of an Suv. The family resemblance is almost too strong. The engines are more or less identical too, ................featuring the same 3881 bhp 5700cc V8 with a six-speed gearbox. That, however is where the resemblance fades. The front and rear suspension is independent - handling as well as stability, not to mention ride quality will go up.............


The 2009 MKS is being billed as the car that will be remembered for bringing Lincoln back from the brink of total anonymity. Well, that's just something we put together to emphasize how important the car is for the brand. The MKS was a concept at Detroit last year, and is now out in full production glory. The underpinnings come from the Ford 500 aka Taurus, which in turn, come from the S80 and XC90. It seems that the show car had some doubtful elements. One of the then, the flashy, toothy, chrome-y grille reportedly is a sure bet. We like how the logo sits between the chrome, though. Say thanks to the 41 Zephyr, then. The launch motor will be a 272 bhp, 3700cc version of the lates of For V6 engines. In a years time, Ford expects to have a turbo direct-injection V6, which is expected to lure V8-lfans with similar performance, but higher economy, Oh yeah, lest we forget the base car, is a front-wheel drive version will also be on offer.


Oracle India pvt. Ltd.: Software Architect
Location: Bangalore&Gurgaon
Job ID: 4598105
Description: Entrant should be BE/MCA/MS with 8 -14 years experience with a minimum of 5 -8 years of Java/J2ee based middleware architectures, design, development, and bug diagnostics.


Practice makes perfect. Anyone who performs before a demanding audience-whether a pianist, an actor or a football player - will tell you that. We believe that this old axiom holds true for cars too. Which is why we subject the E-Class to hurricane winds, Arctic winters, and blazing temperatures in the world's largest all-weather wind tunnel. To ensure that the E-Class you drive delivers superb performance mile after mile, year after year. After all, we value an appreciative audience as much as anyone else. So arrange for a test drive and experience the culmination of constant refinement. Unlike any other.

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» Maserati GranTurismo (GT) 2007
(February 2007)

Maserati GranTurismo 2007

The new Maserati GranTurismo, styled by Pininfarina, makes its worldwide debut at the Geneva Motorshow.

The Maserati GranTurismo is a muscular and sporty car, that can be enjoyed every day and at the same time is engaging for the driver. Its excellent handling and sportiveness makes it a point of reference in its category. The Maserati GranTurismo is built with particular attention to comfort, choice of materials and details and with enough room for four people, as only Maserati can do.

The new Maserati GranTurismo is a high-performance sports car, exciting to drive with a 4.2 liter V8 engine, delivering 405 HP, and a weight distribution of 49% at the front and 51% at the rear. It is fitted with an automatic gearbox and equipped with an adaptive control system which adjusts the gear-shifting mode to the driving style and the driving conditions.

Maserati's tradition of the Gran Turismo concept dates back to 1947 when the Trident Company, following its clients' demand, unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow its first Gran Turismo, the A6, designed by the great Pinin Farina. It was the first Maserati road car and was produced in 58 units. The car was acclaimed by the automotive press for its advanced technical content and for its avant-garde style solutions.

The new model name - Maserati GranTurismo - is not incidental. Once again, the partnership between Maserati and Pininfarina gives birth to a car that is able to generate emotions and sets itself apart from competitors, due to the technique with which it is built and its unique style.

The new Maserati GranTurismo represents a further step towards the completion of the Trident product range, following the worldwide launch of the Quattroporte Automatic at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


Land Rover's LRX concept provides us witha a look into the future of the, erm, Indian owned brand. Well, we were expecting that announcement by the time you read this. The company celebrates 60 years in 2008 and the LRX re-iterates the ability of the car, but takes it to new, more eco-friendly places. Or so they say. LR describe the car as a cross-coupe and the LRX will be a touch smaller than the Freelander and very much a luxury car. The company says the concept has a lot of technology going for it. All to be revealed at the show itself.

Say a big hello to the 2008 Toyota Sequoia. Essentially a Tundra pickup reworked to take on the role of an Suv. The family resemblance is almost too strong. The engines are more or less identical too, featuring the same 3881 bhp 5700cc V8 with a six-speed gearbox. That, however is where the resemblance fades. The front and rear suspension is independent - handling as well as stability, not to mention ride quality will go up.


The Murano always looked like it belonged to Star Wars. Now it looks like an updated version of the same Star Wars ship. And how! There are cool LED tail lamps, larger head lamp and wheels to make up the new jewelry set. On the inside, one gets more cow hide, aluminum, an enhanced Bose music system with its own 9.3 GB hard drive. The engine still remains the Q series 3.5-litre V6 with 265 bhp, but mated to new transmission called the XCVT. Darth Vader wouldn't have been happier.

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