Friday, June 20, 2008


The 2009 MKS is being billed as the car that will be remembered for bringing Lincoln back from the brink of total anonymity. Well, that's just something we put together to emphasize how important the car is for the brand. The MKS was a concept at Detroit last year, and is now out in full production glory. The underpinnings come from the Ford 500 aka Taurus, which in turn, come from the S80 and XC90. It seems that the show car had some doubtful elements. One of the then, the flashy, toothy, chrome-y grille reportedly is a sure bet. We like how the logo sits between the chrome, though. Say thanks to the 41 Zephyr, then. The launch motor will be a 272 bhp, 3700cc version of the lates of For V6 engines. In a years time, Ford expects to have a turbo direct-injection V6, which is expected to lure V8-lfans with similar performance, but higher economy, Oh yeah, lest we forget the base car, is a front-wheel drive version will also be on offer.

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